Hafter launches attack on Islamists in Benghazi

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Hafter launches attack on Islamists in Benghazi

Hafter launches attack on Islamists in Benghazi

Benghazi woke up to the sound of heavy gunfire early this morning as forces led by General Khalifa Hafter, supported by some members of the air force and marines

The action has been in the south west of the city – in Hawari and Sidi Ferej districts, in particular the area controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia between the south-western gate checkpoint and the cement factory – as well as in the port area where clashes were reported between marines and Deraa 1  Helicopters were seen flying over Hawari

The action appears to have taken the government by surprise. At a press conference this afternoon, acting Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni who earlier this month called Ansar Al-Sharia a terrorist organisation, insisted that Hafter’s action was illegal and undermined attempts to confront terrorism

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